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ALTCOSEARCH is a specialist firm recruiting degreed individuals for our client companies that manufacture consumable consumer products made on high speed packaging lines.  The principal, John Shea CPC, a Certified Personnel Consultant, has been a executive recruiter or "headhunter", actively involved in Career Search and Executive Search and recruiting for 20 years.  John has placed hundreds of candidates and has personal billing in seven figures.  Primarily concentrating his efforts on packaging engineering and other technical positions at food, cosmetic, household, personal care and pharmaceutical manufacturers, these jobs revolve around consumable product development, production, and distribution.  John is a member of the Institute of Packaging Professionals; he works with the Council of Logistics Management, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and has also worked with professional associations such as ASQC, IFT, and ISA.  While the primary focus is on Package Engineering slots, he also has demonstrated solid expertise working in technical support areas including Product Research & Development, Regulatory, Process / Product Engineering, Process Controls, Product Launch, Validation, and positions in Logistics, Materials Management (Supply Chain), Purchasing, Quality, and Plant / Production Management. 

ALTCOSEARCH is an award-winning member of Intercity Personnel Associates (IPA), a nationwide computerized network of independent executive search and recruiting firms, and the New Jersey Staffing Association (NJSA) with whom we actively network. There are over 300 affiliate offices in these networks, enabling us to specifically network with over 25 people who specialize in various disciplines for food and consumer product companies.  We can draw on collaborative support from these affiliates to provide focused depth in our recruiting efforts to quickly begin a search to fill a client's specific needs.  Prior to submission to a client each candidate will authorize release of his/her resume to our client.

Client companies pay our fees including any distance travel and interviewing expenses.  Our fee for professional services is based on a percentage of the first year's compensation for which our candidate is hired.  We work either on a Contingency Fee arrangement, that is paid when our candidate accepts a client company's position, or on a Retainer Fee, which is paid in installments commencing with acceptance of the search assignment.

ALTCO II, LLC  dba  ALTCOSEARCH                                                          
2 Eastgate Square,  Westfield, NJ 07090
(908) 228-2208             

Contact: John Shea  by e-Mail NOW: john@altcosearch.com