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We would like to hear from you.  As a first step in contacting us, we would prefer to receive your information by e-mail.  Please send us a note and attach a  “word.doc” version of your resume.  To help us learn about you and better understand your desires, the note should include:

     Your full name and address
     How you like to be addressed (e.g. Chris instead of Christine or Christopher)
     Your telephone numbers (home and cell numbers, and a daytime number if possible)
     Your home and/or work e-mail address
     Your work status in the USA (our client companies wil not provide sponsorship)
     Your current title (and if not working, what was the last day you worked)
     Your salary and any bonus information
     Your desired salary and position
     Whether you would consider relocation (if so, what are your geographical preferences

Alternately you may either fax us a note along with your resume, or use the U.S. mail to send a note and resume.  Initial contact by telephone is discouraged; we want to read about you first.

We look forward to hearing from you.

                                     2 Eastgate Square
                                    Westfield, NJ 07090
                                        (908) 228-2208

                 Contact by e-Mail NOW: john@altcosearch.com